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Monday, September 27, 2010

Country Living Fair 2010

This fair is HUGE!  Talk about sensory overload! I wanted to go last year but the good or shall I say the 'bad' husband refused to take me so sadly I forgot all about it until 'Miss Amy' from Verde Farm blog invited me to join her.  Yay!  There was no stopping me this time so off we went.

The weather cooperated and surprisingly the traffic wasn't too bad considering the throngs of women walking towards the entrance gates.  There weren't many men at all.  I could just imagine being with the bad husband and hearing the typical 'you don't need that!' mantra as I would attempt to get a closer look at something cute.
As we reached the ticket booth, Amy discovered her camera wasn't behaving.  Oh no! After a few worrisome moments, I got it going and we began trekking towards the tents.  Goff Creek Pottery from upstate New York proved to be our first find! I found these tasteful but very heavy cow figures for my kitchen.  Reasonable pricing afforded me two and thankfully, they held our bags so we didn't have to lug additional weight around.
The crowds began to thicken and the lines grew to extreme lengths.  One vendor had the longest wait to purchase which was a complete turnoff so I didn't spend much time with them knowing there would be that punishing delay....and I so wanted those straw pumpkins!
Did you know there are hundreds of 'war dogs' saving our soldiers from bombs that are killed? So very sad, I could not be a soldier, love a dog and see it die for me...I hate war!

There were all sorts of crafters.  Cute pumpkin pillows, scarecrows, aprons, and vintage linens attracted me but one of my favorites was a woman who featured dried florals.  Very different from the norm.  I didn't get any photos but did notice she had participated in the Philadelphia Flower Show.  I really wanted to buy some of her arrangements but due to too many bags I feared the delicate beauties would be crushed to bits by the time we reached the truck.  I loved her Fairy Grass.  And speaking of dried plants...Sweet Annie was all over the place.  I hadn't heard of it until I read about it on a blog a week ago.  I think I will grow some next year.  Its' distinct scent had a mix of mint and floral and a kind lady told me that it is exceptional at repelling insects. 

Nancy Drew Birdhouses!  I wanted one!!

A few reanactors in a small colonial house.
I wanted that cute scarecrow too!
Lunch was easy and quick and we were lucky to find a table.  We met two separate sets of folks who shared our table from Indiana and they were so friendly! Kudos to Indiana! We stopped in the Country Living store and finally found those green floral canvas bags that so many were carrying.  My fingers were relieved that the blood could now flow ending the purple hued tips.  Seriously, my bags were full!

I loved seeing all the pumpkins and gourds everyone was friendly and mannerly which was nice.  I don't think it was layed out well though and for 'nubies' like us, colored tent tops would have helped so we could know what areas we already visited. You know, blue over there, orange near the food area, etc.  'Bag Check' tents should have been installed (i think there was only one) and scattered throughout and I would have paid to store mine.  It began to get tiresome to always put down my bags in order to take a pic or examine a potential find and it prevented me from further purchases.  Crafts can be bulky!
 Boo! No hanging animals!!
 Overall it was a blast and I am so glad we went.  Amy and I are a lot alike especially when we ooohed and aaahhhed over all of the neat 'eye candy'.  The bad husband always mocks me when I exclaim over something unique, insisting that I sound like Edith on Archie Bunker....thanks honey, such a nice thing to tell your wife! Now I feel better as Amy is even worse and I told her we were like the folks at Mayberry (Andy Griffith show) who have never been out of our small town.  We just couldn't help ourselves as bad as we tried to control it!  For those of you further south, Country Living is having this same fair in October near Atanta at Stone Mountain.  If you attend, I am sure you will not leave empty handed, unless you bring your husband! ; )

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Fair To Remember

The Spring 'Chicken Swap' at an Ohio fairground is quite the regional event!  A relative invited us to go since she wanted some peacocks and thought that if we saw chickens then the good husband might relinguish and eventually change his mind.  I had a plan you see...I told him it was a 'farm show'. Well, in his mind he envisioned farm machinery, and in my mind (and in reality) there were lots of animals. 

He agreed to get up early and even agreed the night before when she called to confirm our meeting time since we were going in the same vehicle.   Oh how things drastically changed when 6:30 arrived, and he abruptly refused to get out of the warm and cozy bed.  What? You just confirmed last night!  The bad husband blamed it on Sammy as he is the only dog without an electronic collar and Sammy would need to be let around noon to relieve himself.  Of course I had that planned out...the bad husband's brother could come and complete the simple chore, but noooo, that wouldn't do.  The real reason was the desire to return to lala land.  Fine, I threatened to bring home oodles of  baby chicks, goats, lambs, etc.  I could tell in his voice that he wasn't quite sure if I was serious and laughed nervously...Kritter Keeper was very upset at being stood up!
The morning traffic at 8:30 was backed up for miles.  Unsure of the cause and not familiar with the area, my friend stayed in the left lane passing hundreds of vehicles, mostly pick up trucks with lots of empty cages in the bed that told us we were close. I noticed absolutely no cars coming down from the north and told her pass the entrance since we couldn't get in the right lane and enter from that direction.  We saved probably a half an hour and avoided polluting the environment with another idling engine.  Luckily a shortcut allowed us to quickly park within walking distance. 
So many people! And, so many little cages containing roosters, chickens, goats, ducks, turkeys, puppies, etc.  And...sad to say, so many men resting newly purchased rifles on their shoulders.  Not to mention the hand guns that dangled from trigger loving fingers of the opposite sex. Those were not the visuals I preferred to see.
                                 (The black lab puppy in the back looked just like our Sammy!)

We stopped, looked and cooed at so many furry babies.  The breedy chickens were fun to see in person and much better than the images on my calendar.  I am glad I went but I left with a heavy heart knowing that some of the animals were not treated well. 

The miniature horse had dull eyes and showed no interest when I softly spoke.  A set of mini donkeys stared blankly into space.  The tiny black pig screamed as the fat lady in the wheelchair pulled it up out of the cage by it's little hind leg.   I kindly verbalized my dislike ....'oh no honey, don't do that, you'll hurt it!'  She smiled at me and gave the pig to my friend to cuddle.  The Great Pyranees owner had no clue if her litter of 8 pups were susceptible to hip displasya. Her perplexed look gave me my answer.  A dozen of ducks were stuffed into a small cage and I voiced my concern in a louder than normal tone to my friend....'oh that is awful, look how small that cage is with all those ducks!'  My peripheral vision saw the scruffy owner turn towards me noticing my pointed finger.   Sometimes a word or two said in a kind way or not directed at a specific person may provoke a positive change.  Who knows...but I do know I wouldn't buy these poor animals. Thankfully the peacock man was of a different type. His fowl was pricier but he knowledgable.  Brochures, website, business card, all helpful ways to connect with the new owners in case a question needed answering.  The peacock man was from Indiana and his birds were healthy and seemingly relaxed except for the two nervous pheasants who finally calmed down.  Poor things.  So out of their element.

                                                        (i loved the bronzed peacock!)
                                                            (learning how to clip the wing)
(learning how to properly administer meds)
It was interesting.  It was a different setting.  I learned a lot.  But I probably will not return though I was able to photograph affection for the animals.  I'm pretty sure the pair of hens cuddled in loving arms of a cute young couple with small children will be fine.  The new owner of a sweet little mini goat was wearing a harness instead of a collar which offers a more humane way to lead an animal. A young man was cuddling a goat unafraid that his outward display of love will harm his manly reputation.  The tall burly motorcycle man gently lifting the tiny min pin smiling broadly was pleasant to see though he did not buy the pup.  I am left wondering...did the sweet little jack russell that was shaking with fright, and all alone find a good home?  Will those little ducks be offered fresh water to swim in and the freedom to spread their wings? Or will it be like the person I met a year ago...

...who in the past bought several chickens from this fair and locked them in a small pen outside preventing them from free ranging, preventing them from eating delicious bugs and allowing for frost bite.  She even left them with no water (I watered them when I was there).  I live in an area that can be mean with neglect towards animals.  I also live in an area that is home to so many loving people who adore their furry or feathered or scaly friends.  So, I choose to hope that the beautiful animals I saw last Saturday will find better homes and be able to live lives full of love, good food, quality shelter and humans who are humane.  
Oh, and we teased the bad husband before we got friend happily relayed to him that I found a nice Amish man and that I wasn't coming home for awhile.  Now that would be an 'affair to remember!' ; )