Saturday, November 28, 2009

Curious Creatures

Just as human children are curious, the same goes with furry ones. Brownie's little Buttons cannot get enough of Callie but the same goes for Callie or she wouldn't be so close watching the deer crunch their corn. She loves to follow me around as I scatter the kernals into numerous little piles so each deer can enjoy his or her daily 'dessert'.
Callie decided to watch Brownie and Buttons.
Callie, what are you doing so close to us?
Keep your distance Buttons and everything will be just fine...
But you are so different! You don't smell like my sister and my mother.
I'm warning you Buttons, go eat your corn! You have no antlers so quit that posturing! Stop stomping!

I know you don't mean to harm me, shut your mouth and go eat.
Buttons, back off, I mean it this time!

Buttons eventually tired of Callie and had his fill of corn. By the way, Thanksgiving went very well. A lot of work was completed but so worth it for our intimate gathering. Hope everyone had an equally enjoyable time. We are so blessed and very thankful! Now, if the hunters would only stay off our land, then all would be well on the farm!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Darling Deer

Such a sad time of year for me as gun season approaches. The big boys have all gone to other territories which leaves a few 2 year olds to watch over the herd. Nub thinks he needs to go with the older bucks and left in the beginning of the month. He did return for a couple of days and fed near his cousin BB, his mother Brownie and his twin sister Cocoa. He is gorgeous and his rack is very 'advanced' compared to his friends. He was so sluggish and relaxed. I haven't seen my three years olds for well over a couple of weeks. They split up and Bossy's Boy will return occasionally along with Bandit. Twin and Thick Neck have been gone for much longer than that. The fawns are growing like weeds and are so cute. I dislike using my long lens as they are skittish when they see it, but it seems to take better photos. Brownie's babies get so close that I have to step back in order to focus. Enjoy these beautiful faces! They each have their own personalities and are such a joy for me to watch. I know their names are simple but the names mostly describe a distinguishing feature, a personality quirk ...easier for 'Mama' to remember all of these brown four legged creatures!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lovin' My Scrappin'

I love digital scrapbooking! I am obsessed! If I could do this for a living, I would in a heartbeat...the creative process is so exciting in that you never know what you are going to end up with until it is complete. I am not one for too many layers and junk that take the eye away from the photo which is the most important thing. My major was in advertising which really helps with the design layout. Can you believe when I was in high school I wanted to live in Chicago and work in an ad agency??? And I haven't even been to Chicago! Thank God that didn't pan out...Ok, back to work for me... Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dog Days of Fall

We have been blessed with some gorgeous days! Look at handsome Sammy! Little Bear and Nugget however are a bit miserable. Little Bear is experiencing skin allergies. She will lick and lick and develop a sore so on goes the e-collar! Poor thing. I do believe it is because I changed their kibble. This happened a few years back and the same thing why did I do it again? Well, the last time, I changed to an organic high end kibble, thinking I am doing the best for my babies. We went through the allergy testing, got the shots, etc. but that didn't stop the incessant itching. Then I figured it out...the new food! I put her back on Purina Fit and Trim and voila! But this time, only two weeks ago, I put her on that new Purina Pro that you can only get from the vets...still a Purina product so no worry, right? Wrong! Her itching has lessened now that she is back on her Fit and Trim. Will still get a cortizone shot hopefully today!
Nugget on the other hand, is experiencing the cruciate disease on both legs now. He got a wart removed that must have been super sore. He has two stitches therefore, the e-collar is a must. Will take them out today! He has been such a good dog about it! He is also on Deramax. I finally relinguished due to the liver issues these anti-inflammatories can cause, but his limping was awful! Will get the liver 'blood' tested every 6 months.
Look who I saw on my way out to lunch yesterday? I think that is Brave One with Sunny and one of Sunny's 'cousins' as this is the same field little Sunny was sleeping in during those hots days in July!
Our pretty pear! She is gorgeous but bears no more fruit so I purchased two little pear trees so help in that department....The fawns killed one...bad deer!
The Harvest Moon was spectacular though my photo does not do justice to God's wonders....and byw, why in the (expletive) does the U.S. have to bomb the moon? Leave things alone! I am so tired of destruction. I think that money could go towards better things especially during these trying times! Humans do not need to live on the moon, stay in a hotel on the moon, etc. ...did you hear that one? A cool 4 million will allow you a three day stay up there...ahhh, don't get me started!
Look at Little Bear! Poor baby girl!
What a stretch Coty! Are you going to run a marathon?
Even plants like a little bling...see her diamond?
Pretty pansies have survived the cold so far. I covered them last night! Brrrrrr.
Pretty Pear in the evening shows such brilliant colors! My purple Mum I got from Lowes last year for only a dollar came back to display such beauty! Look how big she grew!