Friday, June 25, 2010

Darling Deer

It has been so long since I last posted....ugh oh, sounds like the beginning of 'confession' for all of you Catholics out there.  Like you, life got busy and after a chilly spring, I relished getting outside as much as possible! 
My deer seem fine but disappeared for over 60 days offering me only a few sightings but come May they began their nightly trek to the corn yard.   Bossy Boy still sports a partial arrow behind his right shoulder.  Brownie has not given birth to her twins yet nor has Cocoa given birth to her first fawn but Bossy, Brave One and Shy One all show the telling 'dent' where the tiny fawn(s) once were. 

Brave One positioned little 'Clover' out in the middle of the First Field again just as she did Sunny the year before, but due to visitors at the farm being a bit too nosey and getting too close, she decided that was not a good idea.  Good for her!  Baby Clover didn't need to be baking in that hot sun!

Ringo is growing a nice rack as is little Buttons (already!) who I fear will be like my Nub, taken too early in life for a yearling.  Ringo is 2, Buttons is only 1 year old.  Bandit still hangs with Bossy Boy and Tanner hangs with Ringo both two year olds looking up to the wiser and older big boys!  But my little BB, Nub, Long Horn boys, Beauty's Boy from last year and the older Twin have not shown up this spring.  Sigh..... Patty Pat, Limp and Runt survived the killing season and hopefully have given birth and are doing fine.  Beauty's Boy who is so light in color has no friends and has yet to hang with other little button bucks.  I hope Beauty is ok...

The yearling girls are cute!  Shy Girl is very friendly unlike her mother Shy One, and Sunny is very shy unlike her mother Brave One!   Brownie's 2 year old Cocoa has decided to be like her Aunt Bossy and push everyone away from the corn.  Brownie's Little Peanut is so sweet but not as brave as her twin, dear little Buttons who touched the back of my hand with his moist nose a week ago.  A first for me!  Brownie won't even do that and I have known her for 4 years!!  What a thrill, what a gift to be given from my darling deer!