Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hope You Had A Happy Holiday!

Our Christmas was very nice overall though I still miss my Dad something awful. I guess it will never be the same again. I wanted to blog one more time before the new year and share with you some of my favorite seasonal photos. I love to decorate the house though I purposely did not put up two of my trees since baby Bridget would break the glass ornaments. So, that leaves the massive bird tree and the vintage antique tree, one being in a closed area where the kitties cannot access (unless Mama is in there keeping a close watch!) Tiger and Bridget loved their first Christmas and played under the big bird tree dangerously wiggling the massive work of art! I am working furiously on another digital scrapbook with the hopes of completing it in the next two weeks so it can be a gift to the good husband so a few of my pages are included. I love nature and birds so most of my decor depicts the outdoors. Just wanted to thank all of my readers for giving time to this simple blog and the kind and thoughtful words after my posts. I love blogging and look forward in reading all about what is going on in your lives! Happy New Year!
Baby Bridget getting so big...posing on one of the 'good' chairs in the Old House!
Antique bell ornament bought at Gwynn's estate.
A lovely 'pony' ornament that reminds me of Jessie given by a relative.
Cute Coty standing still while this silly hat is perched on his head! Coty has a crazy Mama!
Miss you Daddy! Christmas will never be the same!
Daddy made this copper planter for me!
The mantel in the Old House, with all of Dad's old photos.
Library mantel...I love foxes and dogs! Daddy's stocking will always be hung each Christmas.
Pretty Princess hoping Santa will fill her stocking!
Bandit and Bossy's Boy are still living thank heavens!!
We have new friends! The turkeys scramble around trying to find leftover kernels.
No, not a turkey egg, but part of the big Bird Tree.
Cute birdhouse ornament.
Pretty quail sitting quietly in the tree.
A scrapbook page with a relative standing by the Bird Tree.
Baby Bridget jumping over Princess towards Tiger. They loved the pine branches!
Tiger hiding and having so much fun!
Nuggie being so good wearing his Santa hat (before Mama stuffed it).
A most wonderful glass of Burgundy Montrachet given as a gift...this wine is awesome and we are ordering more. Perfect holiday wine. Happy New Year! Cheers!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Card

This is what the front of our card looks like this year. I love to custom design our cards, it's so much fun! That is Bossy's Boy greeting us with his special Christmas collar and Santa medallion with the reindeer. Such a pretty face! The inside I filled the upper half with small squares of different scrapbook pages so that our loved ones can see each of our animals babies. I have been so busy as have all of you as with the preparations, parties, and decorating. Still getting the house ready for guests arrival Tuesday evening. Still must get greenery (I know I know, I have been procrastinating!) for the least it will be fresh! A friend is going to allow me to cut some pine branches from her trees. I already have holly and cedar on the farm, but for some reason, we don't have a lot of pine. I know of an old abandon house where there is a magnicent Magnolia tree. I have borrowed its branches over the years.
We lost our electricity three times over the past two weeks which means doing the dishes by hand...ugghh! Thankfully we have a generator but it doesn't cover the whole house. When the electric is gone, my computer is gone! I finally got an IPhone so I can still get online. Back to work I go, but as you read this, I will be busy gathering my greenery, getting last minute groceries, dusting, cleaning, and hopefully baking some cookies! Maybe tomorrow I will have a chance to post about my huge tree....the mother of all trees. She takes hours to complete but she is so worth it as her beauty is astounding!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Most Insightful and Soul Stirring Story

My eyes are not as good as in the past...this being extremely disturbing to me as I have never needed the aid of glasses. I am now noticing that while reading or giving kitty kisses, the words and those beautiful furry faces become blurred when they are too close to my last week I reluctantly went for a check-up. I had cancelled the appointment several times but finally committed on Tuesday.

One eye is better than the other, no drastic results, just reading glasses. I was in agony trying on thin rectangular frames that looked so foreign in the mirror. I was so not happy about this. The attendant sensed my mood and tactfully left me alone while I rapidly put on almost 50 frames. I finally found one. While she entered my info, somehow we ended up discussing cancer. We both knew doctors who had misdiagnosed patients who were strickened with this devastation. Cancer is so prevalent in our area. She shared a story with me that was very poignant, very thought provoking, and very difficult to forget...

The attendant, I will call her Paula, would visit or stay in a cancer center located in Lexington, KY for days or weeks while her mother received treatments. She met others sharing her sad circumstances, and together the families slowly got to know one another. She met a new friend whose husband's suffering began as severe back pain. He was a construction worker and was constantly told his problems were muscular. Months went by as several docs failed at finding the cause until finally the tumor was found at the very entrance of the colon but by then it was too late. The reason it was missed was due to the camera not being turned on until it was thoroughly inserted into the colon. This poor man endured several unnecessary colonoscopies due to sloppy procedure. Needless to say, these two woman became fast friends and continue to stay in touch to this day.
On September 11, 2001, the Kentucky man was lying in his hospital bed at home watching TV. He and his wife had two children, both in school. The man quickly called for his wife to see the news flash showing one of the World Trade Center towers on fire with that awful billowing smoke surrounding the top floors. If you will remember, those early reports did not reveal exactly what was going on...nobody knew it was a plane in the very beginning...

The man became alarmed. Something bad was happening in the world. He wanted his wife to pull the children out of school immediately. The wife refused at first. Then the man noticed all of these birds; a huge flock of birds were flying around the burning tower. "Honey, do you see all of those birds?" he asked. The wife replied "What birds? There are no birds flying around!" The man insisted there were birds and the wife thought something really strange was happening to her husband! He never acted like this before. He again insisted that the children be brought home. Then the man began to see a bit more clearer, and said "Oh, you are right, those aren't birds, they are angels! So many angels, look at all of them!" Again, the wife saw nothing but did notice her husband began talking to someone else...he was saying words like "yes, ok, ah uh," words that were in agreement with whatever he was hearing. He ignored her while she was asking who he was talking with, so she went into the kitchen to call the school to release their children. Upon her return to his bed, she found her husband had died. It is obvious that my eyes will see a bit better once I receive my glasses, but I must admit, this eye opening story allows me to see so much more metaphorically speaking. How coincidental that I heard this story while at the ophthalmologist!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend!

The weekend was nonstop! I was completely exhausted Sunday evening but very thankful for the wonderful moments experienced with our friends.
Friday late morning began with a scrumptious Holiday Brunch hosted by two friends. I love my friend's home. Her taste is exquisite and every room is magical. There had to be over 100 ladies attending and it was good to see such beautiful faces and catch up as much as possible though I could not stay long. I was very good and did not eat much!
Friends from North Carolina came to our area to attend the Saturday's winter graduation ceremony. This darling family has two cute daughters. We ate a late lunch and then they all came to the farm. The girls wanted to ride Jessie! None of them have ever been close to horses so this was quite a new experience. Happy moments were had by all!
With only an hour before our evening party, I was in a rush! This party is the annual Cosmo Christmas gathering for a group of us girls that get together on a monthly basis at eachother's homes. Only at Christmas can the husband's attend! It was a blast. There was a lot of laughing and silliness which made for some great pics. I will only post the calm ones... we got home late and I cleaned stalls at 11 kidding! No poopy stalls for my ponies!Saturday morning allowed for no slack. I had to pick up my altered dress for another party that evening, get some farm supplies, then get some special canned cat food for Rocky...thankfully the vet's office remained open a few more minutes! Rush rush rush! I had no time to travel back to the farm, so the good husband brought my long wool coat so that I could cover my farm jeans at the graduation ceremonies! An esteemed family member was the keynote speaker. He is a magnificent orator and probably one of the best around. Our friend from NC received a special nod from the President for his accomplishments which was really cool and much deserved. We left early so that I could complete the barn chores before getting ready for a very special party. Oh, and I helped the neighbor's friend get out of a ditch with my truck on the way home from only took fifteen minutes to get the heavy chain and pull her out. Girl power!

The evening party is hosted by two friends and over 200 people attend. The home was gorgeous as always. I never tire of seeing the beautiful window treatments, furniture and of course, all the lovely Christmas decorations. All of the ladies looked spectacular in their cocktail dresses. I love seeing all of the different styles and tastes. And believe me, many look like models! We got to spend time with lots of friends and share in entertaining conversation but no silliness and no cameras at this party...the only funny thing was a man tripped down two steps and toppled a reindeer in the foyer causing a broken antler...uh oh!!!!

Sunday was not a day of rest, though we did sleep in. The town's Christmas Home Tour would be opened for a few hours. A close friend knew someone who owned a limo and a group of us were escorted in style! It was great, no hunting for a parking spot and breaking up the group in separate vehicles. This years home's were not as decorated as the year before, but we still had fun. Afterwards, the good husband and I met with some family to eat dinner. We got home around 8 p.m. I watered and fed the ponies, cats and dogs and finally got to relax! What a weekend!! I loved every minute but thankfully next weekend's agenda will not be as demanding. Now I can decorate for Christmas!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Curious Creatures

Just as human children are curious, the same goes with furry ones. Brownie's little Buttons cannot get enough of Callie but the same goes for Callie or she wouldn't be so close watching the deer crunch their corn. She loves to follow me around as I scatter the kernals into numerous little piles so each deer can enjoy his or her daily 'dessert'.
Callie decided to watch Brownie and Buttons.
Callie, what are you doing so close to us?
Keep your distance Buttons and everything will be just fine...
But you are so different! You don't smell like my sister and my mother.
I'm warning you Buttons, go eat your corn! You have no antlers so quit that posturing! Stop stomping!

I know you don't mean to harm me, shut your mouth and go eat.
Buttons, back off, I mean it this time!

Buttons eventually tired of Callie and had his fill of corn. By the way, Thanksgiving went very well. A lot of work was completed but so worth it for our intimate gathering. Hope everyone had an equally enjoyable time. We are so blessed and very thankful! Now, if the hunters would only stay off our land, then all would be well on the farm!