Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hope You Had A Happy Holiday!

Our Christmas was very nice overall though I still miss my Dad something awful. I guess it will never be the same again. I wanted to blog one more time before the new year and share with you some of my favorite seasonal photos. I love to decorate the house though I purposely did not put up two of my trees since baby Bridget would break the glass ornaments. So, that leaves the massive bird tree and the vintage antique tree, one being in a closed area where the kitties cannot access (unless Mama is in there keeping a close watch!) Tiger and Bridget loved their first Christmas and played under the big bird tree dangerously wiggling the massive work of art! I am working furiously on another digital scrapbook with the hopes of completing it in the next two weeks so it can be a gift to the good husband so a few of my pages are included. I love nature and birds so most of my decor depicts the outdoors. Just wanted to thank all of my readers for giving time to this simple blog and the kind and thoughtful words after my posts. I love blogging and look forward in reading all about what is going on in your lives! Happy New Year!
Baby Bridget getting so big...posing on one of the 'good' chairs in the Old House!
Antique bell ornament bought at Gwynn's estate.
A lovely 'pony' ornament that reminds me of Jessie given by a relative.
Cute Coty standing still while this silly hat is perched on his head! Coty has a crazy Mama!
Miss you Daddy! Christmas will never be the same!
Daddy made this copper planter for me!
The mantel in the Old House, with all of Dad's old photos.
Library mantel...I love foxes and dogs! Daddy's stocking will always be hung each Christmas.
Pretty Princess hoping Santa will fill her stocking!
Bandit and Bossy's Boy are still living thank heavens!!
We have new friends! The turkeys scramble around trying to find leftover kernels.
No, not a turkey egg, but part of the big Bird Tree.
Cute birdhouse ornament.
Pretty quail sitting quietly in the tree.
A scrapbook page with a relative standing by the Bird Tree.
Baby Bridget jumping over Princess towards Tiger. They loved the pine branches!
Tiger hiding and having so much fun!
Nuggie being so good wearing his Santa hat (before Mama stuffed it).
A most wonderful glass of Burgundy Montrachet given as a gift...this wine is awesome and we are ordering more. Perfect holiday wine. Happy New Year! Cheers!


Country Whispers said...

Wishing you a Happy New Year!
Broken hearts can really drag you down.
This is our first Christmas without my MIL and she is greatly missed by all.
As with us, I am wishing for you a New Year full of happiness. One that erases some of the sadness and replaces it with happy memories without the tears.

Country Whispers said...

Wishing you a Happy New Year!
This was our first Christmas without my MIL and she is greatly missed.
As with us, I wish for you a happier New Year without the sadness. One where we can cherish the memories without all the tears.

Country Whispers said...

So sorry...I think I posted two of the same comments. My computer screwed up so I wasn't sure if it went through the first time. If you get two of them, just delete one of them.

Spring Lake Farm said...

Great pictures and wonderful memories!

Happy New Year!


Feral Female said...

Happy 2010!

Very lovely pictures! I understand how you are feeling, I still miss my mother terribly and she`s been gone now for several years. But know that they are never really gone for they linger in our hearts and in our children`s eyes forever.

lisa said...

Happy New Year to you and I hope you have a wonderful coming year!

Pony Girl said...

Your home looks beautiful, and so filled with well-loved pets! :) I LOVE LOVE the bird tree! The pine cones and birds and berry garland- perfect!! You are so lucky to live where you can be so immersed in nature.
I am so sorry to hear how the holidays were difficult for you....I think as wonderful as they are, they do bring up those feelings of loss. I loved the copper planter he made you!
Oh, I was watching a bit of a series on a cable channel while at my parents' over the holidays, an interesting program called the Grizzly Diaries. Anyway, Timothy Treadwell, however criticized he was, had some interesting relationships and footage with foxes there in Alaska. It was really neat to see them up close. Beautiful eyes, those little guys had.
The best to you and yours in 2010!!

Rural Revival said...

Happy New Year!

Jan's Place USA and Mt Forest Pictures said...

Wonderful pictures and post. My father has been gone ten years as of January 16th, and I still miss him so much. I understand, and am glad you have some wonderful reminders of him.

Dog Trot Farm said...

Happy New Year. Your photos are all lovely, but I especially loved the one of your Father. Daughter and their Dads have a special bond that can never be broken. Blessings to you.

Rural Rambler said...

Happy New Year Kritter Keeper! Christmas has never been the same since my Mom died in 1987. I still miss her so much and like you with your Dad, it is just not the same during the holidays. We are missing too many people we love this year. And this was our first Holidays without our Country Cat.

Great pictures. Hey! I think I recognize a turkey or two! Did Sharon and Rhonda decide to visit you?! The red wine looks wonderful!

Steph said...

I think Coty looks a little ticked off about that hat! haha. Great Pics!

Steph said...

I think Coty looks a little ticked off about that hat! haha. Great Pics!

Leslie said...

I enjoyed all of your photos. I especially liked Coty in the big hat. The mantel is a beautiful tribute to your Daddy. Happy New Year and many blessings to you and your family!