Monday, February 16, 2009

Scary Sky!

I was quietly sitting in the living room working online when suddenly my good husband bursts into the house and rebukes me for not getting the horses in! Huh? Non-horse husband caring about horses? Why? Then he told me that in 15 minutes we are to receive 60-65 mph winds and that the weather experts warn that tornadoes could occur! I heeded his warnings even though the sky hadn't darkened yet . Running top speed down the lane, passing the pond and scattering the snorting deer in all directions; I quickly got the horses. I put them up, closed the 4x8 heavy dutch outside stall doors, closed the end doors, secured the wind latches, and placed large cement blocks in front in case the latches gave out. I put Cricket in the huge pen leaving Daddy Cat and Callie loose in the tack room as they don't fight as much. I told them all I loved them dearly memorizing their beautiful faces and praying that nothing would hurt them or our farm. Fear began to creep its way into my thoughts. I looked to the sky. The wind was slowly giving me warning but I still had time to quickly feed corn to the deer. Just as I finished, the wind and the rain bore down with no compassion. The deer and I fled to safety.

We were blessed! Once the darkness gave way I went outside to see that our home, barn, and fencing were not affected although we had several trees down. One in particular fell on the Cemetary paddock blocking the lane, however the sturdy oak plank stayed strong! A small group of thin tall pines were uprooted in the backyard and another fluffy green cedar fell on Black Jack's grave. As I was checking it all out, a strange yellow light emerged, bathing the farm with an eerie cast. The sky looked haunted! The puffy clouds were dark grey mixed with a strange yellow. I had never seen this shade of light before! The sun peaked out and an electric blue sky introduced itself so I grabbed the camera. The deer were quietly surrounding the cedar and I worried. Was one of them trapped? They didn't run as we all surveyed the tree and I peered under thick branches to be sure nobody was underneath. The Longtails surprised me by not running nervously away. They just stood there. I finished feeding corn as several more came out. Later that night more winds threatened our safety but thankfully we were spared. The morning news reported several uprooted trees, some on unlucky homes, power outages, and one roof was blown completed off in KY. I pray for those who suffered and I thank God all is well on the farm! (This happened Thursday however the blog would not let me back date!)

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Les said...

I'm so glad there wasn't much damage! So scary.

One time we had a tornado warning - rare in VT - and I wanted to bring Twinkle into the kitchen but Mom wouldn't let me. *pout* But she was fine.