Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Tiger Came Calling At 2 A.M.!

I finally found it, yippee! It was tiring, keeping away from that huge owl and the hawks. I didn't see any stray dogs, thank heavens! I had heard of this awesome place where animals were treated so well. The deer can't keep anything to themselves; they tell everything they know! I am on the back porch and it is really late. It smells doggy. Oh Lord, they see me! I know the door will protect me. Their barks are so ferocious and there are a lot of them! I saw them earlier; I thought this would be a good time. Please! Where is that good lady? Here comes a man....ahhh, he seems nice. Food! I am starved!

Here she comes. She talks a lot. She calls me Tiger. I guess that is ok. I guess I will let her pet me. Hmmm, her pats are good, she knows cats. I hope everything will be ok. Uhh oh, she picked me up! Don't let those dogs eat me! This huge pen is awesome, it has a fluffy bed! Fresh water in a clean bowl, that is good! More dry food. And a litter box. She likes to sit and talk to me. I am tired. Who is that? She is big and black. Alright! I got it, don't mess with you, you rule! Let me sleep.

Wow, who are you?? Boy are you pretty! So shy though. I won't hurt you. Come smell my nose and greet me. I didn't do anything so why are you growling at me and running off? Whoa! Who is this huge thing? One of his eyes are he a big time fighter? He is shy too. I don't know what is up with these cats... I haven't done anything and I am not even a year old yet! I guess I have to earn my way.

She opened the door so I can go outside...I will hide under a chair so the huge dogs don't sniff me. So far so good. Big Sammy seems to want me for a meal though, but she watches him constantly. Nugget is sweet. Little Bear thinks I am a toy and wants to play. Coty just stares at me. LaQuinta rubs on Coty so I guess he will be ok. I am going down to the barn to explore. Whoa, another huge ball of fur! This one looks mean, his ears are torn and he has scars on his nose, but he is sooo fat! How could he win fights with all that weight? Hmmm...I will hide under the horse trailer. You know, she has allowed me to live here so quit threatening me. I can threaten back! Not that I want to tangle with she comes! Oh, so your name is Daddy Cat. You rule the barn, I see. I guess I will let her get me out of here, that way it doesn't look like I backed down.

Where are we going? You have been so good to me so far...I trust you and I won't meow. This place has lots of cats and dogs! How come I am here? Ouch! That needle hurt. I am sleepy. How come I am sore? I wasn't sore before. Where is she? Why am I in this small cage? I am scared but still sleepy. Back in the black cat carrier...she must be here! I hear my name. There she is! It is good to be back in my bed. I need some rest.

It has been two weeks since I have found the farm. I hope they keep me. I try not to spray but sometimes I can't help it! She follows me everywhere and scolds me if I do and wipes my mark off the white baseboard with stinky cleaning stuff. I guess when I quit I will get more time out. It takes a couple of weeks. I still haven't gotten close to Pretty Princess. I offer my paw under the door but she just looks at me. That Big Rocky eats a few granules of dry food right next to my pen. She is trying to get him to like me. I chased him once. That didn't help but I wanted to play! LaQuinta is the best. She let our noses touch. She keeps me in my place though. I am not sure I love 'Mama' yet. She is good to me. They all adore her and follow her everywhere. I am too independent. I haven't been back at the barn yet. She opened the door again to see if I wanted to go outside but I didn't. I hear there is another fighter down there with his mother. They say he is long, lean and mean. His name is Cricket. I don't think I want to meet him. I hope I fit in here. I know she thinks I am cute but she told me it depends upon the others. She said they come first and I must not hurt them. I don't plan too. I hope this will be my forever home!

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