Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Farm Fog

Yesterday evening was really strange. Thick eerie fog was creeping up all around the farm around 8 pm. I had to run back and grab the camera. My Cannon Rebel doesn't do well in the evening, no matter what type of photo I turn the button to...night portrait, landscape, auto, etc., so the only shot I can get is 'flash off', otherwise the photos are all blurry or dark and indistinguishable. Jessie and Blue were turned out late so they enjoyed about 4 hours of grazing on young shoots of grass. I usually do not turn them out in the small paddock so I can let it recover, but it was late and I was lazy.

Today my brain will be in a fog since I must stop procrastinating and begin gathering my tax info for the CPA. It will be a challenge as we are to get a 65 degree sunny day. The good husband has been hounding me to get this done, so I better get to work!

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