Monday, March 23, 2009

Woods Walk

Sunday was a good day for a walk in the woods before the ticks, snakes, chiggers and weeds could do their annual biting, burrowing and scratching. I was hoping to find some naturally shed antlers or maybe even an occupied deer bed. First I climbed the big hill, stopping to be sure the spring fed well remained covered so that the deer could not fall in like Nub did last November! (see Defying Death for that horrific story) Looked good to me.

I reached the top. My good husband cleared it last year much to my chagrin...A year ago, I had our excavator cut out a little maze of trails that wound around the trees and brush. Some dead ended so you had to pay attention where you were going! Didn't see any deer or hear the birds but I did notice a couple of huge buzzards soaring above the tree tops. They came back about a week ago. Last year they were perched in the trees and didn't seem to fear me. It was neat seeing them that close.

I followed a trail that led into the woods, still looking for deer rubs on trees and hoping for a antler, but not a thing so far, not even a rustle in the leaves. It was still very quiet. I decided to check the big fox den to see if it was still active and sure enough the entrance was clean of debris. I pity the poor deer that don't see these mean daggers!

The horses were happily grazing and looked up with surprise when they saw me coming down the hill. I noticed a fence rail had been kicked in two. Blue! Did he think he was in a karate competition? That horse...he is always kicking something! The 'river' was pretty but no ducks nor the huge Great Blue Heron could be seen or heard. A flock of robins flitted about the branches near the river bank. I checked the horses water level in their 100 gallon tub and noticed yellow blooms in the cemetery out of the corner of my eye...maybe some dandelions? Wow, I had no idea these wild daffodils were here! One of them looks to be like a 'double' bloom!

After about an hour, my walk ended seeing no wild four legged creatures or finding my much desired antlers. It was time to clean stalls. Low and behold I discovered something with fur! A little 'pretend' wild cat was partially hidden in the tall weeds taking a sun nap...Cricket! Thankfully nothing was captured between the strong pointed fangs or the long sharp claws.... just a kitty enjoying a quiet day. I scooped him up in my arms and off we went to the tack room. All is well on the farm!

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