Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Grass and Gardens

Busy days lately! Finally got the Pasture Pro on the paddocks and the good husband fertilized his beloved lawn. Why are men so particular about how perfect a lawn must look? Now the air smells of chemicals even though it rained through the night. I brought the horses in early despite assurances that Pasture Pro does not harm non lactating livestock. I didn't feed the deer nor did I see them that evening. They must have known. I have not used this Pasture Pro before. It is supposed to kill everything but the grass. Have a lot of moss. Need to lime again and then fertilize.
The farm looks so fresh today thickly carpeted with Spring's bright green blanket dotted with sunny daffodil blooms. Hazel, the lady that used to own the farm, lovingly tended the large garden in front of the house full of daffodils and iris's. I am sure these bulbs could be over 50 years old if that is possible. The unfortunate thing is that many do not bloom, so I am thinking I need to dig and divide. Not something I look forward to so that is probably why it hasn't been done yet.
We have some new visitors! Wood ducks! I spotted them eating some leftover corn yesterday and didn't know quite what they were but luckily had the camera for a quick shot. They flew to a corner in the pond and when I tried to find them, they left the farm. They don't have a loud quacking noise; instead they emit a little animal noise. Today they bravely pecked at some kernels scattered between the rocks in the barn driveway. I was surprised considering the resident serial murderer is always lurking nearby, ready for his next kill.

I contacted my excavator this morning to once again remind him that my outdoor riding arena needs to be completed. It has been a year since we removed the topsoil and put down the crush-n-run. He needs to work on an area that puddles before I add my limestone layer and then the river rock sand. I was trying to find some railroad ties but have failed so I am thinking of laying posts around the edges, that way if I am ever blessed with a roof overhead, then I can use the posts elsewhere and build another paddock. Supposedly he will be here next week sometime. Wow, will I finally be able to ride Blue on some good footing? We shall see! I renewed my membership with USEA just in case. I would love for both us to get back into showing. It has been over a year since Blue and I jumped and competed. August 2007. Such a long time ago...


Delphine said...

Hiya , I was wondering what to do with our grass, as that has so much moss and daises etc It's such a large area though, and I am always wary of using these products in case I am left with a burnt-out brown mess where the lawn once was; Also have you any tips on how to stop my doberman digging holes in our lawns. Werever he goes outside he just has to dig! He is not interested in any toys.

Kritter Keeper said...

delphine, my dogs do that when there is a mole big are his holes? if they are large, does he lay in them like pyr's? if they are small, he might be looking for those voles or moles. when i catch them in the act, i scold them but otherwise, i do not know 'doberman digging behavior' and see if there are suggestions out ther, otherwise designate a small area that is just for his digging not the whole yard. good luck! and...about your potential brown spots; there are amazing grass products just for that problem!i will keep you posted if the weed kill works on the moss. afterward i will plant and fertilize and lime later as it takes lime 6 months to actually do any good.