Saturday, April 4, 2009

Little Lily

Jessie had a small friend visit her on the farm today! Little Lily wanted to take a ride on Jess and the weather was perfect! Jessie is so gentle and patient with little children. She seems to know that they are fragile and need to be dealt with in a different manner. Nugget, Coty and Little Bear gave ample warning of the unfamiliar vehicle approaching from way down the lane before it became visible. Amazing dog ears!

Blue didn't mind one bit when Jessie left the field and probably was glad he could gobble more grass without any competition. Lily learned two of the most important rules at the barn...listen and heed Mrs. 'Kritter Keeper', and never stand behind a horse. She was eager to brush Jessie's broad shoulders 'helping' to rid the dust from her coat. The darling little child's saddle was placed gently on a fluffy fleece pad and Jessie's girth was slowly tightened. After Lily's helmet was secured by her mother it was time to get on! I easily lifted Lily onto the saddle and a huge smile brightly lit her face as her tiny feet were properly positioned in the safety stirrups. Ungloved little fingers obediently grabbed the pommel and in that moment, a child's dream of riding a horse became reality. I was leading Jessie and all of us listened to Lily's request to walk slowly while heading towards the front lawn (on the good husband's perfect grass...uh, oh!). I wanted Lily's mom to experience this idyllic scene while relaxing on the white rocking chair, but the poor woman was inundated by three 'attention deficit' dogs that demanded petting. They finally settled down with Little Bear lying right in our path so we had to go around her sleek black body to avoid the obvious.

Happiness irradiated during the long walk. A small child was living her dream of being with horses, a mother was enjoying the deep satisfaction of watching her blissful daughter, and all of us inhabitants at Woodfield were glad that we could be a part of these magical moments. None of this would have happened if it weren't for Floyd Fuller's passionate love for horses. It was he who offered the same memorable moments to his granddaughters and other little children in town. Many thanks to you Grampie and to you, good husband, who so generously in their own individual ways contributed to this happy day.

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