Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pond Problems!

Water, wind, fire...which one is the strongest of the elements? I would say they are probably all equal in their ability to wreak havoc and cause the human race much misery. Thankfully the good husband and I have not experienced their true strengths, as have many unfortunate souls, but this element has recently demonstrated just how strong it can be when it decides to shove everything aside and make a path.

The pond is a serene body of water that the good husband enlarged when we purchased the farm. Previously it was a small 'puddle', rather swampy and surrounded by brush. Now it is clean, home to lots of fish, frogs, a snapping turtle (uggh!) and hopefully some ducks. The black donut in the middle is an aerator which allows air to circulate preventing disgusting mosquito eggs from hatching. We have not turned it on yet, hoping the new wood ducks will stay and nest. Last spring the 'bad' husband surprised a poor mallard taking an afternoon nap with the flip of a switch. I was walking back from the cemetery paddock. The duck flew off squawking and probably never returned.
Too much testosterone on the farm that day!

So, on the backside of the pond, the good husband discovered a long 'crater monster', large enough to swallow several humans, that opened wide next to the drain! With time, this could have destroyed the pond. Our excavator came and they all put their heads together and developed with a plan.

Since the dirt had hollowed out below the drain pipe thus causing it to fall, they decided to cut down the scrub bushes on the hill, dig a new drain hole, install another long drain pipe, fill the existing hole with more dirt, and put concrete around the new drain pipe and dress the hill (smoothing the ground were the work was done). Quite a job. Thankfully the weather was cooperative and the ground had dried some and wasn't sloppy wet. The project was finished within 10 hours or so and now the pond is not a problem. Now, my big question is...when are they going to come back and FINISH MY ARENA?


Ali said...

Yeah, get that arena done!! I love your pond and I wish we had one. We do have a creek, but its just not the same. Glad you got it all fixed. Keep us updated on the wood ducks, if they do nest there that would be so cool!

Laurie said...

What a wonderful pond and I love all the cat pictures on your blog.