Saturday, April 11, 2009

Surprises on Saturday!

What a lazy day! It is absolutely beautiful on the farm so I went for a quiet walk. I found several 'items' of interest including the ever elusive Great Blue Heron. He/she is so very shy and I had no clue he was feeding. I was intending to visit with my lawn ornaments and relieve them of their sheets since it had warmed considerably when I heard a rustling noise at the edge of the pond. A quick thought told me it was probably a squirrel and then instantaneously this huge thing flew off without a squawk. He is very striking!

The ponies rolled to scratch their backs then decided to run a lap around the paddock showing off for Mama. The good husband told me that when he was mowing (this was long after I had been there) two stray dogs with green collars were in the first little field. He called them over. They were gorgeous labs, one black and one brown. He checked their collars for ID's and there were none. Stupid owners! Then the black one decided to bark at the horses so the good husband shooed them off and down the lane they went. They were wet from crossing the creek but chose to go the sensible way and hopefully avoid what happened to Black Jack. I pray they find their home. I checked the lost and found section in the paper but they were not listed.
Walking around the paddock I spied something yellow almost over the hill scattered amongst old sticks and brush. Look at these 'daffodils'! I know they have another name, and I must look them up. The frilled edges are very pretty! What a terrible spot, so when they are done blooming, I will find them a more suitable home.

The cemetery is peaceful. I enjoy the quiet atmosphere knowing that these folks loved and cared for the farm just as we do. I am waiting to mow as there is a surprise in there. If I am lucky I will be able to show you tomorrow.

In the back of the barn this stunning blue patch of ground cover caught my eye. Most would consider them weeds; I thought they were beautiful.

While cleaning stalls, some misinformed chickadees have decided that the rafters or somewhere nearby would make a good nesting spot. Not! They had just entered so I am positive no nest was built as my barn doors are closed at night and they were not there this morning. So, if you have read this blog much at all, you will know what is happening this very minute. The poor birds are being stalked and chased by Cricket. They refuse to leave for some odd reason. There are tw0 14-foot wide openings at each end so they can fly to freedom if they choose to do so. I pray there are no feathers lying about upon my return because that would be no surprise at all!


JAN'S PLACE said...

I love the pictures, and the Great Blue Heron was awesome! Your place sounds and looks majestic!!!

Good luck with the birds in the barn, we have found once they have moved in, they will be back, year after year..we much prefer they use the birdhouses hanging all over the place!!!

Happy Easter.. He has Risen!


Kritter Keeper said...

thank you Jan! i used to have birds in the barn but when callie moved in they quit coming...maybe these are the same pair? found no feathers. found cricket all the way down the lane with the horses! bad kitty. have a Blessed Easter!

Ali said...

Did you figure out what might have been wrong with the LinkWithin? I think maybe they are updating it, it seems to have a different "look" but it seems to be working now, at least from what I can see.

Love these pics and am loving reading about your place and animals, sounds beautiful!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Oh my, what wonderful pictures! I wanted to choose which one I like best, but I can't. Love them all!!! The pictures of the Great Blue Heron are amazing. And the horses are gorgeous! But... I have a special spot in my heart for kitty pictures!!

Hope you are having a wonderful Easter Day!