Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weary With Worry

Friday night began with an excellent meal shared with two of our dear friends whom we haven't seen in a few months though emails were passed back and forth. The good husband and I enjoy good company, good food and good wine! Who doesn't? I began the meal with my favorite cocktail, a chocolate martini which could easily be gulped quickly as it tastes like chocolate milk! (almost) The dinner was excellent and a good time was had by all. On the way home, we were chatting as usual about nothing and then I shrieked!

Close to our entrance was a doe seemingly dead in the middle of our side of the road. The bad husband refused to stop after we turned in so I could check on her. Through his many protests, he reminded me what Itty Bitty's vet bill was, but that made no sense to me whatsoever. I can't take a deer to the vet! I wanted desperately to see which deer had been hit. If she was suffering then we could end her life for her. Her body looked perfect, no blood, no mangling of parts; she just seemed to be sleeping. Fiery frustration built up inside me. Was I being over dramatic? Was I asking too much just to see her? I sat there worrying if that was one of Brownie's girls while the gate was being unlocked. I made up my mind to go to the house, get the huge flashlight, kick off my heels, throw my barn shoes on and get back out there, with or without him and without changing clothes. The good husband drove me back and pulled into the bottom of the neighbors wide driveway while sputtering threats that I was going to get run over.

I ran to her. She was still. Stupid cars kept interrupting so I had to step back into the weeds to avoid bringing life to his incessant worrying. Finally I was able to check her pulse. I felt under her neck. I felt a quiet but weak beat. Was she alive? I picked up her neck and her head flopped to the left. A small puddle of blood was underneath. I felt of her belly. It looked swollen but there was no kicking or any movement of any kind. I gently pulled her out of the road and positioned her body neatly in the weeds. A kind lady stopped and asked if she could help. I looked up and just mumbled a word or two. She waited a few seconds and then slowly drove away. I kept feeling the doe's body, hoping she was just in shock and would get up. I was in shock. This had just happened. She was still warm and we had been gone for quite awhile and she was not there when we left. It was pitch black out and I couldn't tell who she was, though she wasn't dark like Brownie but she was small. Brownie turns out small deer. I would have to wait all day and hope that Brownie and her crew would show up for corn in the evening.

Saturday morning was busy as we had a commitment but I elected to squeeze in a call to the precious people who sold us some acreage last year that connected to the farm. They are old and sick and live in Tennessee. He had colon cancer and she has Padgett's disease. I haven't talked with them for a long while, and left a message last week. No more procrastinating. It was a sad conversation as I learned that Bill now has thyroid cancer and her pain is worsening. Poor things. My eyes were already swollen from the night before and the tears that flowed with Ann wouldn't matter. I now have two more lovely people to add to my prayer list. I don't know why I am so fond of them, but there is something about those two that causes me to truly care for them.

The evening finally came after a day of shopping for flowers, working in the yard, changing the barn window box flowers, weeding, and mulching. I am still not done! Alas, the deer began to show but I only saw little Cocoa and Nub near the barn. Uh oh, that was not good; they never feed by themselves. I gave them corn. I brought the horses in and kept watch for other deer and finally six showed. BB was not there but while that was not good, all the girls were fine! Yippee! Brownie seemed tired and rested while chewing her cud. BB finally showed up and I saw three Longtails skip down the hill wanting to sample that good corn! Mama Longtail is huge and her twin boy has antlers already splitting on each side. While I still wonder who that doe was and hope that her death was swift, I am thankful that my Brownie's Brood remains fine and all is well on the farm!


KentuckyFarmGirl said...

So glad your little group is okay and so sorry for the loss of the doe.

I am starting a list of farm/country blogs over on my blog. I have left a post there for bloggers to comment with their blog links and a short description. I would love to have you come and add yours.

Pony Girl said...

So the doe wasn't part of your herd? That is good, but I am sad for the little doe, too! :( My mom and her friend drove by a baby fawn that had been hit once. They stopped and moved it off the side of the road and closed it's little eyes.
I am sorry to hear about your friends. I cat sit for an elderly couple and they are traveling less now because of health problems. Sending warm thoughts and prayers your way!

JAN'S PLACE said...

I hate when you see an animal like a a deer get hit, they are such a wonderful animal. now I cant get as distressed over a possum.. with the disease they bring horses.

Those pesky raccoons sometimes are not careful around here as well, and even thought they kill the cats.. they are a cool critter.

Glad Brownies group is intact!

Paint Girl said...

Thank goodness the deer wasn't part of your crew! Still, I hate seeing deer get hit by cars.
I am sorry your friends aren't doing well. I'll be thinking of them and you.

Ali said...

Aww man, looks like my comment didn't come through, I was having problems posting last night, so will try again! =)

I am glad the doe wasn't part of your "regular" group but it is so sad that she had to die like that. =( I will say a prayer for your friends, I am so sorry to hear that. It sounds like you were a busy bee this weekend, as was I. Got a lot done too, it always feels so good. Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day!

Ali said...

Argh, I just tried to post again in Firefox and I think I lost my comment. So....I was saying that yes, I am taking the generic synthroid. I haven't noticed feeling any better, so you will have to let me know how it works for you. My little sister is taking Armour which is the natural hypothyroid med. She says she feels great now, but she is having to go on a little higher dosage. I may talk to my dr. about that one, I am all about being as natural as can be ;-) I hope it works for you!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

I think you have the biggest heart ever! Must be hard when you see something like that, and are unable to make it better.

Hope your friends start doing better...

ocmist said...

I have prayed for your friends, too. It is hard to see those we care about having problems as they get older. I lost my Mom to cancer several years back, and have lost several of her/our friends this past year.

I would have felt the same as you did about the doe that was hit, and about the ones that I cared about until they showed up. Loving animals can hurt our hearts, but the joy they bring is well worth it! I signed up to follow you... Linda