Saturday, June 13, 2009

Farm Finds at Farm Tails

The rains have been excessive and time outside was limited so all I have done was work and clean...need to do a lot more of the cleaning part... oh, and fool around online finding some of my cute farm finds. Some are cheap, some are expensive, all are pretty neat in my opinion! I love tasteful farm decor and farm/animal books. Many of you liked the farmyard waffle iron that I posted about under Farm Tails Farm breakfast and I think Jan said she ordered one, so maybe you might like my virtual farm 'yard' sale! Have fun! The chicken cabinet and the chicken magnetic board both come from Art and Artifacts. For two long years, I have watched that darn chicken cabinet, hoping it would decrease, and wouldn't you know, after I bit the bullet and bought it, it is now on sale! Two years, I swear!!!!

Barnyard Toile is the name of this cute dinnerware. I originally got in from Stonewall Kitchens but they no longer carry it. Only have the plates, mugs, and a pitcher. Darling designs, very quiet and tasteful.
I absolutely love this scent. I would wear it as a cologne if I could...hmmmm, maybe I will try that! I have the soap, the spray, and the notecards. The diffusers last about 4-5 weeks and it is wonderful to walk by and get a whiff! A little pricey but fun to have once in awhile! Get them on for the best deals.

My fave author when it comes to animal mysteries! The 'Sister Jane' series is awesome. Fox hunting, farms, fun parties, and amazing tidbits on wild animals and keeping the foxes healthy are all mixed in her wonderful books. Love them! Get them on either on your own, or already found for you on my sidebar.

I discovered Bridle Rosettes at a stand during the Rolex Event and were mesmerized by their bold colors sealed in smooth round glass with all sorts of neat designs. Horses, mules, birds, cats, flags, dogs, etc. They can be found on Ebay. Originally they were used to adorn a bridle, but now they can be used for other things. The older generation would use them as a pin. I found a belt from a cute New England online shop (can't remember the name of it) with one on it. Too bad I gained too many pounds to wear it now...bad Kritter Keeper! I plan to use the one I purchased a while back in the 'old house' to hang an antique print. With a little work on the back, I wonder if they could be used as cabinet knobs or on an old antique chest????

Arthur Court Designs is a unique company that makes aluminum kitchen cuties such as napkin holders, trays, pitchers, salt and pepper shakers, etc. If you are a UK fan, they even have UK goodies. I love the chicken series and that this paper towel holder and a napkin holder. For those with a more sophisticated preference check out the new 2009 designs. Very nice.

Oh, my favorite animal mysteries! I think Rita Mae Brown must have been brought up on Thorton Burgess as well. She loves animals! The Sneaky Pie Brown (Mrs. Murphy) series features a farmgirl, her two cats, her dog, her horses and a bunch of really interesting friends who live in the scenic countryside dotted with fabulous old farms near Charlottesville, Virginia. The entire bunch get wrapped up in a scary murder mystery with the cats helping find the culprits!
I have several of these around the house. The sleigh bells ringing remind me of the old days and my Grampie's front interior door as he had a long leather strap with adorned with several antique bells. They were a great 'doorbell' as he could hear folks coming in the kitchen while he was in the family room.

As a kid, my parents showered me with books and my favorites are the adorable Thorton Burgess animal series. I learned to love and respect all animals and see another point of view besides my own from reading these entertaining stories. If you have kids, I beg you to buy them. They are a refreshing change and a classic that hopefully will be available for several more decades to come. The Harrison Cady illustrations are too cute!
Tasteful horsey fabric for a horsey girl! Wish list item! My ribbons are fading in the tack room so I want cute curtains or a shade for the big window. Cricket would probably try to climb them! Ugggghhh! This is available at Calico Corners, Ralph Lauren, Ainsworth Equestrian Tea.


Kathleen Coy said...

Aw, I love the chicken cabinet and the dishes!

Paint Girl said...

I am also loving the chicken cabinet and dinnerware! But love it all. Thanks for sharing these wonderful items!

threecollie said...

I too love Rita Mae Brown and the Sister Jane books. I think she is one of very few who have ever done thinking, talking animals in a believable and comfortable manner.

Anne Marie said...

that last fabric would make a great one pillow, with some thick fringe....(i love to sew)

JAN'S PLACE said...

My husband may have to hunt you down!!! I love all of this.. that cabinet is wonderful.. if I had a bigger house, and a few spare $$!

I find I am getting a bit eclectic, as I have a combination of antique, farm, Southwest..and love it all!

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

I love the barn house tole dinnerware. And boy am I a sucker for cute dogs on blogs and those are REALLY cute dogs on your sidebar!!!!!!!Thank you for visiting my blog. We do have some great sales, but the garage sales are increasingly hit or miss. Estate sales are much better. Too bad about the piece going on sale after you finally bought it. Don't you just hate that. Happy Thrifty Monday!

Totally Timmy said...

Your items are awesome. I love the Arthur Court designs also.

Ali said...

Ohh I love the barnyard toile dinnerware, it is so cute! And of course the Rita Mae Brown books, my FAVS! I must tell you, a couple weeks ago when I went to visit my friend Angie, there were 3 foxes right next to her house when I was driving up! They were coming in and out of a culvert and they were just awesome to watch! They weren't very scared of my car (of course as soon as I saw them I came to a crawl so I could just observe them) and they were so curious! And the moment I saw them I thought of Sister Jane, how I wished I could have been on horseback lol! Angie kept watch for them for days afterward, but we think they were younguns that have since moved on.