Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pets and Pumpkins

Perfect perch!
Mama's little 'cactress' finally stood still!

No Cricket, I am still mad at you...leave me alone!
Cricket tackled his mother before I put her on the post! Bad baby cat!
Cricket looking worried...4 large dogs had just run out of the front door!
Curious Big Blue! There goes the little pumpkin!
What is that Blue?
Jessie, are you going to play soccer with Blue?
Jessie bit the little pumpkin instead!
Daddy Cat could care less and munched on a tasty blade of grass.

Happy Halloween bloggy buddies!

Friday, October 30, 2009

'Find Me Fridays' at Farm Tails

'Find Me Friday' is a great idea from Ally over at The Blessed Country Mom so check out her blog. This one is difficult....look closely!

Ok, here is the answer...
This one is a bit easier....

Still too hard? ok.....

What is that black dot?

My beautiful 'Grandcat'!

Cricket trying to get a field mouse but I saved another long as they don't get in the barn.

That's all! Be sure to come back tomorrow for some cute 'Pumpkin Pics'

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lovin' Lexington

Last Saturday, the bitter nasty day it was, proved fun regardless of the cold weather. We headed to Lexington to watch my friend compete in an Event. She and her 'young' horse did well and ribboned the next day ending in the top five of her class. Her 'pony' was awesome doing especially well during the stadium jumping phase pulling no rails! Good horse! Cross country would be the following day but due to the distance, I would not be driving back down. Or so I thought....
After the show, we stopped at one of my favorite retailers, which sells awesome furniture and gifts. Surprise! There was a large sign revealing a floor sale....perfect! Now for some history...for three years, I have been in love with this gorgeous walnut secretary that has antiqued mirroring on the front doors giving it a light refreshing appeal. Back then it was priced....uhhh, not going to tell you...any way, I asked for a discount, they offered 10% but the good husband said no...okay, two years ago, I am still watching it and can you believe they jacked the price up $500! I even brought the good husband in to look at it...he still said 'no' even though I thought I might be able to get it at the original price. Then, get this, last year it was increased even more! What? We are in a recession! Hellloo! Lexington, you are no different than the rest of us! So, sadly, I just forgot about it and didn't bother going back until last Saturday! And...there it was up front, not hidden in the back. The tag...OMG! That tag showed over 50% off! I immediately called the good husband. Being the seasoned saleperson, I began to excitedly point out all the benefits that he would would be his 'desk' the perfect place for his paperwork, etc. I still heard a 'no' but I pressed on. I also was interupting an important football game so alas I was told....Yes! I jumped with glee in the middle of the store...but wait! My friend wisely suggested that we might even get more off, if we asked. Of course! That is what I do at estate sales, why not here? We immediately 'planned'...when the salesperson comes back and asks what the husband said, I will look down and shake my head. No deal. My friend will ask if we can get it at a certain price. He asked his manager. The manager said yes but there was no way I was going to call the 'mean' husband! So my friend said she could talk him into it and away she went in another area pretending to call my good husband not even knowing his number...she was the perfect actress and we did it! With tax, it was still lower than the sale price! Yippeee!

Ahh, but that means another trip to get it...Sunday was beautiful and the good husband and I wasted no time. With several stops on the way home to check this precious piece, we finally made it...uh oh, the sales person left a message. He forgot to give us the keys and the attachment screws. Another trip??Well, I did need some hay but there was no way I was going to go Monday. So, off I went Thursday, loaded my gorgeous summer green timothy hay, picked up the keys and back home I went. Gotta love Lexington to do all that day trippin'!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dueling Deer

The boys are now practicing their fighting skills, though a few of the younger ones are sporting hematomas and painful poke marks on their flanks (which is awful)...poor little teenagers! Thankfully, the fawns are only gently pushed away from desired corn piles. Sunday was so pretty at the farm. The lighting was perfect, I could have stayed out there all day.
Fawns are always weary of the cats, staring and stomping... slowly approaching as though a tiny cat is going to eat them!
Beautiful Callie perched on a fence post...staying away from her ex-boyfriend...Daddy Cat!

The only negative moment was discovering a poor victim of big Daddy Cat's prowess. It is surprising that as fat as he is, he can outwit a chipmunk, but then again, this was a very fat chipmunk, the largest I have seen...hmmm, maybe it is the corn!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Farm Tails Fall Photos

I love this time of year! No more biting bugs, huge horseflies, chewing chiggers and sun damaged skin. Our trees are not scenic though... the leaves turn yellow or brown and scatter themselves all over the lawn. We have a lot of black walnut and locust trees but no brightly colored sugar maples, etc.

The baby fawns have all lost their spots and the deer are sporting charcoal gray winter coats with the exception of Beauty's baby...her fur is a lovely light tan. That is Sunny in the pic, remember her baking in the hot field as a newborn? Two of my three year old bucks have already left which leaves Bossy's Boy, Twin and Bandit. Bossy's Boy is huge and so healthy. I pray they all survive the killing season and stay close to the barn. I wish I could castrate them and keep them as pets! My Nub is gorgeous and has separated from Brownie and Cocoa to hang out with the boys but shows up during corn time which allows him to see his mom and twin sister.

The porch flowers are still in bloom and so pretty. My red geraniums are really a deep dark red but for some reason the camera cannot pick up this color. Jessie's edema on her stomach remains but has shrunk considerably although her udder area is still sensitive and still swollen. I took a chance and mowed the small paddock ready for a yellow jacket attack which did not happen. Was it bees after all? I shake my head in disgust as I would very much like to know what happened to my Jessie.
I rode Blue a bit late in the evening. He did very well considering Twin bounced out of the woods and onto the arena displaying his beautiful white 'flag'. He watched for a bit and then stomped through lots of crackling dry sticks to graze in the corn field. Big Blue reacted with only a crow hop and some head tossing (thank heavens) and due to it getting dark with the temps dropping quickly, I decided to keep it a safe ride and get off. Fall is definitely here at Farm Tails!