Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Beautiful Bloggger Award!

Thank You Stephanie!  Please check out The Life of a Farmer's Wife for a truly cool farming blog located in the south....you will learn a lot when she blogs about cotton or peanuts, etc. 

1. You must accept the award.
2. Thank the person who gave you the award.
3. Add a link to the person who gave you the award.
4. Paste the award on your blog.
5. Write 10 things about yourself that others might not know.
6. Pass the award on to 10 others.

Okay here goes....
1. I am the youngest of five girls...poor Daddy!  I was the tomboy and played sports.
2. I hate cigarette smoke...my parents smoked and Dad died of a heart attack...boo smoke!
3.  Dad was driving a Toyota Camry when he had the unexpected heart attack.  The car zoomed backwards down the snowy driveway and stopped short of going down the steep hill with the front tires still spinning.  No rubber was on the treads and the whole yard was full of smoke.  I often wonder, did the car go out of control and cause the heart attack...he had just seen his cardiologist two days prior.
4.  Dad's mother, my grandmother died a couple of weeks before her 100th birthday...I would like to reach a happy healthy one hundred!
5.  My husband and I have been married since 1993 but we lived together 5 years prior so all together we have shared 22 years come this September...Yeah!  Love you good husband!
6.  I have always loved the Old South, but of course not the slavery...I love the architecture, the clothing, the 'genteel' manners (well, the ones who had them...), the food, the gardens, the old trees, etc.  When I was 8, we traveled down to the Gulf and I saw abject poverty for the first time...don't get me wrong, we were plain middle class folks...but these people were living in run down shacks...I remember crying when I saw them....
7.  I love old things...people, homes, furniture, dishes, letters, recipes, photos, diaries...I think we can learn a lot from age and hopefully it will make us better.
8.  I really miss my ancestors (grandparents, etc.) and think about them a lot wondering what the ones that I never met were like...what were their days like, what did they love, etc...
9.  I love to laugh and tease people.  My poor vet can attest to that as I gave him a hard time when baby Bridget had to go in Saturday morning.
10.  I am very observant.  I can read people very well.  If I ask a question, just by watching them most times I will know the true answer as to how they choose to answer, which words they say and how their bodies react.

There you have it...nothing too exciting probably just like so many others.  Now I get to pass it on!  Okay bloggy buddies...so many already have this award and there are a couple on my list that do not have any awards on their blogs but each is well worth your click.   I wish I could meet all my blogging friends, as my chosen are special people and offer such interesting prospective to life.  Check them out, you won't be disappointed!

1.  Chocolate and Marmlade Tea
2.   Flat Creek Farm
3.  Life on Sunny Ridge
4.  Thoughts From a Yodeling Goatherder
5.  Chippewa Creek
6.  Michelle Palmer
7.   Blessed Country Mom
8.  Cottage Farm Villa
9.   Rural Rambles
10. Pennsylvania Wildlife Photographer (Willard, if Dad were still alive, this would be his fave. He lived only a couple of hours away from you!)


AJ-OAKS said...

I also love old things. Lots of history and stories. I admire people who get to the 'golden' age and are still witty and bright as a shiny new penny. I have always said I am going to live to 111! lol

Congrats on your award.

JC said...

I like your ten things. I'm off to get another cup of coffee & check out your special ten blogs.

Feral Female said...

Thank you SO much for passing along such a great award! I`ll get another cup of joe and put my mind to things!!

I miss my ancestors as well, my grandfather especially!

Steph said...

Great list! :)

Paint Girl said...

What a wonderful list!! Congrats on your award, you deserve it!

Dog Trot Farm said...

Congrats on your award! Well earned. I enjoyed learning more about you and yes I do love your blog!

Rural Rambler said...

Kritter Keeper Congratulations on your award and I loved reading your list and learning more about you! Thank you so much for thinking of me and my Rambling blog. Very sweet and kind of you :)

Flat Creek Farm said...

Congrats to you, Kritter Keeper! I agree.. you have a beautiful blog! I enjoyed reading about you - interesting stuff! And here's to making it to *at least* 100 - happy & healthy of course :)

Thank you so very much for passing this award along. I greatly appreciate it! -Tammy

Andora said...

Congrats on your award..and you so deserve it..and thanks for putting me there with the others..I love to blog,and I so do appreciate you thinking of me to put on the list...I haven't been a good blogger lately tho...my son is being deployed to Afghanistan and I am hurt to my soul over it,and I just haven't been much good lately..just in another state of mind I guess....thank you,you made me feel good today..

Willard said...

Congratulations on receiving your award and thanks so much for mentioning my blog. It is much appreciated.

Michelle said...

Awwww...congrats and thank you SO much for passing this onto me (even though I've been away for so long)! I will post this after my next post (which is the completion of my sis and niece's visit). Ya, the rain really got to me this year. I was really craving sun. Then when the SAD hits...you start dwelling on other "stuff" and regrets, etc. It's like a downward spiral...but I am so done with that. LOL! Hope you are well!! A nice horseback ride yesterday helped me out as well. *sigh*

xoxo Thank you again and again!!

Ali said...

I am so behind on my blogging! Thanks so much for this award. I loved reading your list, its always fun to learn some new facts about my buddies =) I will post this soon, gives me something to post lol! I have been so uninspired lately, but spring is helping I think!