Friday, February 6, 2009

Dog Days of Winter

The weather is warming and we got a high of 40! But the icy barn driveway remains too treacherous for a pony walk. Been working relentlously on this beloved blog of mine! Still have lots to do! Looking forward in fingering the pages of that old diary and picking the recipes that look tasty. I know the pickles are excellent! Just had one yesterday on my oven roasted turkey and 'farm' cheese mayo sandwich. These pickles had a slightly sweet taste and I never eat pickles! Sooo good! And it livens up the turkey. You should try it...only you need those special pickles.

Haven't seen Big Girl for awhile. Saw beautiful Runt yesterday with her twins. She's tall, Brownie's small, but Brownie rules! Brown Tail got so close I could have touched him, but he darts off with amazing speed. Little Cocoa surprised me and ran down to the horse trailer to be the first one to gobble from their huge mound of corn and grain. Nub is getting big. One of the Big Girls yearling boys (Twin) lost both antlers. The others remain crowned. It seems Bandit (the new buck with the dark mask) is now relinquishing to Bossy's Boy these days. Not sure what that is about yet.

Tell me what you think about this interesting quote I read from Country Magazine, and be sure to scroll down the bottom for some cute surprises before you leave! "You Can't Put An Old Head On Young Shoulders".

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