Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Are We In Vermont?

This snow is not quitting!! Again, we are blanketed with more of earth's dandruff! Not a good visual, huh? Well, I am tired of it but come the end of the week it will be like we are in the Carribbean with a 50-60 degree forecast. Whoo Hoo!

I thought I would try the spagetti and meatball recipe from one of the morning shows as I have yet to find a perfect sauce and meatball combination. It was bland to say the least, but passable after I added a couple more spices. All it called for was a cup of onion, some salt, pepper and red pepper flakes...I added garlic powder and italian seasonings. I froze all but one serving for leftovers. I googled more recipes and most were similiar with the exception of one that added basil. I am definately into comfort food these days! I won't pass this recipe on as it does not compare to other awesome concoctions that I will soon share

The horses are still fine. Jessie wandered out of her stall for a different view of Blue. Poor things, so bored and unable to be horses. Daddy Cat decided he wanted to spend the day in the 50 degree tack room so Callie reluctantly agreed and perched on top of the thickly covered saddle while he sprawled out in a warm bed. Cricket was disgusted as this is HIS domain and where HE was born and stayed in the barn with Jess and Blue. The birds could relax and eat the corn left from the previous night after the bunny, raccoon and possum had their fill.

Brown Tail, Beauty, the four bucks and the Long Tail family fed early as usual. They are so skittish and are still in the snorting stage with the exception of Bossy's Boy who was a baby almost two years ago. No Big Girl nor Runt. No Brownie and her brood (7 in all). I fed late since I watched Lost and wouldn't you know Brownie, Bossy ( i think they are sisters) , Shy One and Brave One (Brownie's girls 2007 yearlings) along with BB (Bossy's 2008 boy - she turns out boys) along with sweet little Cocoa and Nub (Brownies 2008 girl and boy). I generously gave them corn mixed with 11% Southern States textured Reliance horse feed. I know, they are spoiled. But they get the corn year round so their 4 chambered stomachs are quite used to it. Their coats shine with health, their eyes are bright, and they are absolutely beautiful blessings that God allows me to get close too.

I am so thankful that they survived the two month hunting season as that group is smart and knows to stay near the house and barn. Actually I didn't loose any of my does that feed regularily. I fear my handsome LongHorn and WideHorn are in someone's freezer as they go off for miles so that no inner breeding occurs. I always wondered if my feeding affected them but so far I don't think so. When I walk in the woods, I rarely see them and if I do, they are gone in a flash. I lost Great One who I would see very rarely since I did not feed then when I was riding Blue. The neighbor bragged to me about bagging him that season. I honestly think they know the deer yard is safe. I pray they do and that they remain shy everywhere else. There is no hunting on our land.

I didn't hear the owls this evening like I did last night as this is breeding season for them (as well as for bunnies)...the night was quiet with the exception of a loud noisy four wheeler across the 'river' that scared the deer. All is well on the farm!

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twinsmom said...

beautiful family!! love the pictures and stories
and my pokey dog is not a devil dog!!!!ha!!ha!!
she just likes to hang out with those handsome boys of yours!!!she can boss them around!!!
mamma of devil dog