Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Barn Repair

Today is fix up the barn day and tomorrow will be too. It has been 5 years since the barn was built. The end doors need revamped as the nice white metal 'lining' on the interior was not secured properly and is bowing. The wind latch holes need repaired as the 70 mph winds can really wreak some havoc. Loose bolts will be tightened and I am getting wiring installed so I can have a dryer. Line drying the hand towels on the fence planks is ok but not when the wind blows the nice clean laundry into a pile of poo or a bird chooses to deficate on the strange white flapping things below. All the junction boxes will be dusted and closed with a proper cap, something that should have been done when they were installed. Fire hazard! The black steel LEE stall doors have been straightened and no longer scrape the walls. The year old Schlage door handles no longer can be unlocked....the key just goes around and around. Disgusting. So, tired of keys 'anyways', I purchased a digital lock to replace the outside handle. Wanted two, (one for the inside door) but maybe another time. Both doors have double keyed deadbolts just above the handles so the tack room is secure. Those saddles and bridles are expensive! Also, going to install a couple more motion detector security lights. Eventually, I will get the other two stalls finished so I am having the fluorescence lighting installed for them as well. Two more horses? Nah, can't afford them. Would need to build more paddocks. Going to order those nice agricultural 48 in. fans for the aisle way. Strong and powerful. Motor sealed. Safe!

Oh yea, I fell down the steps a week ago so I just purchased an 8-foot handrail, which reminds me...if you can afford it, please, please, see your chiropractor on a regular basis. Mine is awesome and I no longer walk in pain resulting from hard ground and bucking horses. My right hip would literally burn and sear with each step! Aleve would not touch it. My feet would hurt so badly that I had to wear shoes while walking on our hardwood floors. Just thought I was getting older and it was something a human had to put up with...wrong! I have no more foot pain either. Think about it...if your back is out of whack and crooked, your feet (where all the nerves for the whole body meet) will be touching the ground in an irregular manner and eventually they suffer. Mine are now blissfully pain free!

Had to cancel the 'hair appointment' which is never done! So, initially I agreed to wait until the end of the month, ok... but low and behold, some poor soul got the flu and beautification day will come tomorrow. Yipee! All is well on the farm!

ps...look what came back from last year!!! so pretty!!! and the moon was gorgeous tonight!

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