Saturday, March 7, 2009

Springtime Signs

Tiny mosquitoes and gnats, wasps, and black flies buzz our heads.

Horses continue to shed out.

Bulbs are pushing up and buds are born.

New blades of grass barely peep above the dirt.

Horse poo has been dark green for 2 days now. : )

Sweet songs can be heard all day from feathered friends.

Scraggly deer coats show signs of shedding.

Doe bellies are slightly swollen with babies.

Barn cats doze in the sunshine.

Green leaves are barely popping on the multi flora rose. :-(

Starlings have returned to nest and hog all the bird seed.

The washrack hose is on now that frozen pipes are no longer a threat.

Heavy horse blankets are washed and dried in the sun.

Long manes have been 'trimmed'.

Deer wander in the yard at 4 am causing Little Bear to bark incessantly.

Nugget lays outside all day.
Opened windows allow fresh breezes to oxygenate the house.

No more loud obnoxious gun shots (knock on wood).

Pages of seed catalogs are dog eared.

New blueberry and raspberry bushes await for their final home in the ground.

Quiet rocking on the front porch in short sleeves.

Thirsting for cool ice water after barn chores.

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