Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Groundhog Girl

Little Princess is the most unusual kitty. She came to us September 3rd 2007, a day after Cricket was born. We discovered a small fluff ball huddled in the corner of an unused side porch where the dogs cannot access. Little Bear was the one who let us know as she was in her pen dozing in the afternoon but upon seeing Princess through the glass door, she let out a strange high pitched bark. The good husband looked outside and alerted me. I slowly approached her with a bowl of canned fancy feast. Quite a bit shy but starved nonetheless, she finally inhaled the food. Moments later her stomach rejected the foreign intrusion and she began to heave but nothing came out. Poor little starved thing. I had no clue she hadn't a decent meal and should not have given her so much.

A few hours later, she allowed me to carry her thin but furry frame and off we went to the 'pink room'. The pink room is a beautiful bedroom with a cherry and walnut floor that Hazel's husband installed himself from the trees on the farm. I put her in this room away from LaQuinta and Rocky so she could get used to the new smells and noises of our home, recover in privacy and enjoy the warm and comfortable surroundings. I believe she stayed in there over a week. I took her to the vet the next day. She was free from disease and received her rabies shot and Revolution which is very good for kitties since it is anti-flea and has some deworming properties. It is topical and applied behind the neck. I refuse to use the store bought anti flea topicals as they are too harsh and I have heard of many a sick kitty resulting from using those types of deterrents.

We never knew what breed Princess was but she certainly looked like something special. It didn't really matter but later when we found out, it made all the sense in the world. Princess loves to go outside no matter what how the weather is behaving. Rocky and LaQuinta and now Tiger (all strays) could care less and prefer to be inside. Princess will wait patiently by the door so if you have packages or the dogs are going back and forth, she will dart out like a lightening bolt if you aren't watching. She is the fastest cat I have ever seen. Once outside she will hide behind the boxwoods. I have a feeling that is what happened to her previously when she found, I run outside, fight the thick stout branches and she eventually allows me to scoop her up to safety.

When the weather is sunny, occasionally I take her outside. She nibbled on grass the other day and loudly purred with happiness while rolling in the thick lawn. I stepped away from her in order to get some good photos and she followed me like a dog! This is not like her, I was thinking and kept snapping away. Then it happened....she turned tail and those stout little legs took off making her a blur. No kidding! I call her Groundhog Girl since this fat little thing wiggles and runs with such speed! She disappeared behind her favorite bushes and crept around the corner. Uh oh... guess who saw her!!! Callie and Big Cricket must have been in the front yard. Not wanting another vet bill, I didn't even let them meet. She remembers Callie from their horrendous meeting the second day she arrived while I was rocking her on the front porch. (Click on Callie and access the cat page to get an entertaining update).

Pretty Princess is a Norwegian Forest Cat. I noticed the December Cat Fancy magazine cover while in Borders and my jaw dropped...there she was! These cats adore the outdoors and can endure cold miserable weather. Mythology speaking, they accompanied the great Norse goddess Freyja leading her chariot during her daily travels. Many believe they joined the Vikings on their world travels and the cats were kept on ships for rodent control. Princess's ruff is very long and thick. Her coat does not tangle and matt as do other long haired breeds. The best part is Norwegians are very loving and affectionate. Princess is all that and the most loving kitty I have known. So, my pretty Princess has quite a fancy heritage but I still love calling her Groundhog Girl.


JAN'S PLACE said...

She is a beautiful cat.. you did good for her, and she looks very content where she is now!!!

Kritter Keeper said...

thank you jan...i think i developed a bad habit, she ran out the door with the 4 dogs this morning...they looked like a herd of cattle!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Wow, she's gorgeous! I wonder why (how) their long hair doesn't get tangled or matted like other long haired breeds?

Stop by if you get a chance. I'm dishing up dessert!!