Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Run, Runt, Run!

Today was one of those 'I'd rather be inside' days than face the harsh winds that blew away Sunday's balmy breezes. We even had some snow! It didn't lay, thank heavens. I worked a lot in the house but finally decided to venture outside to complete the barn chores. The dogs followed faithfully to guard their mama.

My barn kitties ran down the hill, tails held high. Their little paw pads were very cold! In the tack room they ran, while I grabbed a small handful of kitty kibble for Daddy Cat. Time to clean stall. The ponies were noisily munching their timothy as I was cleaning Blue's bed when I heard the dreaded high pitched whines. The dogs were going crazy. I looked up and noticed two deer at the edge of my good husband's sacred lawn. Half tail. Poor Runt and one of her twins were being chased by those awful stray dogs! At the same time an expletive left my mouth I quickly but carefully backed the full wheelbarrow out of the stall without spooking or poking Blue with the fork, and ran up the hill. It took forever, of course. And wouldn't you know the stupid train just had to pass! Now she couldn't cross the tracks into the huge field and make time. She had to avoid our dogs, and manage to circle back up the hill which means she had to get close to the side of the house. That required a hard left and unfortunately tightened the distance. Those stray dogs would not dare come near me or the farm dogs. They just know better for some reason. I stood in the middle of the road praying Runt would eventually make it my way. Stupid train. Just as I was hoping to see her come near me for safety, out popped Beauty and Brown Tail, passing me hurriedly and stopping in front of the thickets next to the deer yard. Smart deer. They knowingly looked at me. The noisy intrusive coal train continued to crawl. My dogs began their urgent barking in response to more whines which meant Runt's scent was found again. She managed to reach the top of the ridge. She was headed towards the heavy wooded area to the safety of impassible thickets. Maybe none of the others would be disturbed from their beds. Silence came. I continued to stand in the road with the snow swirling around us and for a brief second it was difficult to see. Suddenly the sun began to peak out from the gray sky. Beauty and Brown Tail quietly disappeared down a path behind the pond. Coty, Little Bear, and Nugget hoping for more action sat patiently looking up the hill. It was so cute; there they were in a straight line. Then Nuggie got bored, being a Golden and rolled around eventually playing dead for mama...such a cute baby!

I finished the chores and checked Hazel's garden and discovered more blooms had opened to reveal breathtaking perfection. A threat of frost is predicted tonight and I hope the beautiful daffodils won't be short lived. My tulips refuse to open during this cold snap but they were gorgeous Sunday. My new clematis from last year has grown profusely and has tiny buds! I will get up early (what else is new?) and spray them with water should the frost make an unwanted appearance. I just learned that trick from a landscape company on the local news. They said it worked well.

I fed the deer an hour before dusk and only a few showed up. The wood ducks bravely watched but couldn't stand it anymore as I was invading their safety zone and flew off crying their little animal noises. Brown Tail ran right up to me tonight. He was within 4 feet. He hasn't done that since fall. Unfortunately, I didn't see Runt, but I did see my beloved Brownie's brood. It was a good feeding. All the does found a corn pile and there were no bossy bucks to hog the corn. I hope Runt and her baby are okay and all is well on the farm!

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