Saturday, May 2, 2009

Derby Day!

Rain rain go away...all week it has rained. The land loves it, the flowers are in their glory, but the horses are tired of it...well, I will take that back. One horse wasn't tired of the rain today; he dominated the muddy mess and won the Kentucky Derby!

Mine That Bird! What a great story especially fitting for our economy. Mine That Bird only cost the owners (a couple of docs, I believe) $9,500! His odds were 50-1, the second highest in the Derby history. His run was spectacular in that he was way in back of the pack, his jockey found openings on the rail, the horse gave when asked, and together they passed all 18 horses for an awesome win! And, best of all, he seems injury free.

To celebrate Derby Day, I finally opened up my special pony pasta. I found it one of my favorite shops in Lexington, KY. The three unique shapes are a horse's head, a galloping horse and a horse shoe. So cute. Topped with some of the best Italian meat sauce that I have tasted (a local church fundraiser, recipe of the priest's great grandmother from Italy), this small but simple meal rated first place for Derby Day.


Ali said...

Love the pasta, so cute! That was the best Derby I have ever seen! I was rooting for General Quarters (loved his coloring, lol), but Mine That Bird was amazing! Reminded me of Seabiscuit (my hubby watches that movie ALL the time!).

Paint Girl said...

The Derby was a great one. Love how Mine The Bird cost only $9500! Just shows you don't always have to pay big bucks to have a great horse! I'm rootin' for him to take the Triple Crown!
That pasta looks delicious! What great pasta shapes!

Pony Girl said...

I love the pony pasta! ;) Great gift idea.
I watched the derby too, in fact, Mine That Bird was one of my choices to win (because he was the underdog and a $9500 horse!) I think it's an amazing story. And the jockey Calvin Borel, he was a riot! I fell in love with his spirit when he rode Street Sense to a derby win a few years ago.

CTG Ponies said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

The pasta is very cute!

I'm not a huge racing fan as we are located near several tracks and have seen some of the not-so-great treatment of the horses BUT the Derby was fabulous this year!! I love to see the underdog win and I have a huge appreciation for Calvin Borel. He was so excited to win.