Sunday, May 3, 2009

Evil Eaters

Mama Wood Duck's presence has been sparse as of late and I haven't seen the babies in the past three days. I am very worried as I know ducklings fall prey to all sorts of predators. Due to an early Saturday morning commitment I missed seeing the pair of wood ducks that wandered close to the house. The good husband spotted them while eating breakfast and 'stepped up to the plate' to capture some photos! What a great husband. So, it has been almost a week ago that I saw two to three babies perched on a fallen tree. I was with the horses, on the way to the paddock but had no camera. Now I don't see her at the pond at all. I did see some culprits that could be guilty. Has she smartened up and become a more aware, more skilled at hiding the babies? I doubt it, she would not have left them and traveled way up to the yard and I honestly think that is the only pair that has chosen to become regulars at the farm. Nature is cruel. Baby ducks are so sweet and innocent and the mothers' are powerless against quick strong jaws and long pointy beaks. I pray I am wrong and the babies are safely hidden.

The last time I saw the babies with the camera. Looks like one is missing!

Daddy and Mama Wood Ducks. If there are babies left, would they leave them like this?
Wish my Daddy were still alive...he would know!

Look at this big crow! The ducks don't seem to mind it being so close.

Could it be this Green Heron? My bird book says they 'fish' in ponds...but does fishing mean eating baby ducks? I know its cousin, the Great Blue Heron eats baby ducks! But the heron has not been around the pond at all lately.

He was a little alarmed at me and raised his crest!

Evil Pond Monster!
Loser Snapping Turtle that needs to find another home!


Delphine said...

I am sure the ducklings are O.K. We had 9 ducklings with us last year with mama duck; Poppa duck disappeared shortly after they were born and never returned; There were days when we didnt see them at all and then they would suddenly come out again; perhaps the two adult ducks you saw were another two and your family is tucked up, lying low?

JAN'S PLACE said...

boy..that turtle looks like he could be the biggest predator for those little ducks!

Have a great Sunday!


Ali said...

Shotgun! My Hubby would have shot that snapper so quick lol. He hates those things. I hope the babies are hidden somewhere, that is so sad! Beautiful pics though =)

Paint Girl said...

Hope the baby ducks are ok! We get ducks in our pond everyday and I love it when they have their babies!
I don't having snapping turtles though! Do you see them often?

Kritter Keeper said...

i hope you are right delphine! ali, the good husband has threatened just that! i saw the pair again today but no sign of the babies...