Monday, May 4, 2009

Purple Passion

It continues to be rainy here...some schools have closed today, some have delays, some people are experiencing high waters, all due to this awful weather! But with the excess rain, you know the flowers love it and mine have been jubilant...especially my irises. For some reason, I am attracted to purple flowers. I have two clematis now in bloom and my little Violas came back all on their own. Their sweet faces continue to flower and brighten my day. I just planted some Salvia last week so that I can have a little purple area of flowers. Need to get another one. I still need to plant these different snapdragons I found at Lowe's...never saw this type before. One is lavender and the other is white. They are taller than the 'normal' snaps. Last year we had a blaze of colorful morning glories that the good husband planted to remind him of his dear Grandma Liz who had them climbing all over her place when he was a kid. I just soaked the little black seeds as directed overnight to put in the ground today. Last year I had a purple cabbage plant survive the winter adding spectacular contrast to my 'Autumn' garden; sadly it did not survive this year. I love the promise of a beautiful flower garden. If the rain continues, the flowers should be awesome this summer.

Not sure what this amazing flower is but it sits in the little green chair.

One of Hazel's Irises. Hazel was the former owner of the farm.

Last year's Autumn garden bed with purple Flowering Kale and Cabbage

Little Violas (Johnny Jump Ups) survived the cold and long winter.

One of many gorgeous Morning Glory blooms that climbed that brick wall.

One lone little Allium in the flower bed stretches above the spent tulip and daffodil petals.


Pony Girl said...

Great pictures! I love close-ups of flowers. We are due for some major rain, too. I hope there is no flooding! :(

Paint Girl said...

Your flowers are so gorgous!
I need to get my yard back in shape this year! It is on my "must do" list! I have so many things going on and my OH works over 60 hours a week, it becomes so hard to get all that yard work done! My OH's mom is coming over to help weed this spring! Yeah! I need the help!

Laurie said...

I have always loved purple flowers too. Your photos make me want to go out and plant some myself. I think I'll stop by the local greenhouse on my way home tonight.

As my dad used to say, it's time to "thing sprink". He was such a silly guy...

Ali said...

Beautiful flowers! I love purple in my gardens too, I always gravitate to it, don't know why. Maybe the contrast of purple and green foliage? So pretty! I love the little Johnny Jump Ups, they are so cute =) I will have to plant some morning glories, they are just gorgeous