Monday, June 22, 2009

The Boys Are Back!

My antlered boys don't make a daily appearance this time of year. I was happy to see the ones that showed still looked healthy. The male yearlings, for some reason, have coats that get these grey areas sometimes mixed with white that splatters the golden brown fur. Not sure what that is about, but they all had it last year. The two year olds look great. Bossy, Brownie and Shy One feed almost daily but Brave One is taking a break with the exception of yesterday evening. I saw her this morning in that patch of woods where I looked for her the other day. I knew that was her baby! Glad I was right. I stopped, rolled down the window and yes, the 'crazy farm lady' talked to her...she stood there and watched me. I told her to stop leaving her baby to bake in the sun and to hide it from those dogs. For those of you haven't followed me for long, the deer DO know some words, just like horses. They know their names, they know 'corn', they know 'stop that', 'baby' 'mama', 'its okay' 'careful', etc. I am sure she didn't understand all of my jabbering but what the heck, she knew I was worried about something. Now, if she gets corn again tonight, she will have understood my last sentence...we shall see! : )
Bossy's Boy being dominant.
The boys are always pushing each other off. Such dominance!

See the deer on the right? It is 'hooving' another deer's poor back! When they do that I yell 'stop that!' It is awful to watch. The boys hog the corn piles and do not want others around while they eat.
Brownie's two year old Brave One...looks a lot like her mother. She is the mother of that little tiny fawn that is left to bake in the sun.
Her eye looks so much like Shy One's. Since she lets me get really close, then I know it is Brave One. Deer change so much in appearance. It can be so hard to tell them apart at times.

Beautiful Bossy has a larger left eye than her right. Never noticed that before.
Pretty Bossy visits nightly. She lets me get close to her but not as close as Brownie. They all hopefully will hang out together again once they reach a certain age and are able to eat grass.
Little Cocoa and Nub still feed together.

This is definitely a Long Horn baby. He has the cutest face.

Bossy Boy and Twin decided to lie down and rest while chewing their cud. They probably would have stayed several hours, but I was attacked by a black biting bee 'thing' that caused me to scream while I frantically tried to get it away from me. I managed to swat it to the ground but then couldn't find it to stomp on it....this was not a horse fly (those are huge), nor those brown thin deer I have no clue what it was but they cause the deer to run around and shake them off, too!


dog trot farm said...

I love your photos and am impressed at how close you can get to the deer. You must own very well behaved dogs, I am afraid Winslow Homer would be naughty. I desperately need the dog whisperer!

Ali said...

Beautiful! The boys are just gorgeous, glad you got some nice pics to share!

Ali said...

PS - I was looking my blogroll buttons and noticed I was missing two of my favorite blogs! Your's and Jan's Place! I could make a button to share for your blog if you like, just let me know! It is super easy, just let me know what you want it to look like! =)

JAN'S PLACE said...

awwwh, the pictures of the deer are wonderful, and how you can tell them all apart amazes me.

I am so excited that Ali offered to make us buttons!!

Oh.. I got my waffle iron today, it is toooo cool!

I showed it to my husband who said, oh boy, now I will be making waffles for all the grandkids, once they see those farm shapes!

Paint Girl said...

You take such lovely pictures of your deer! I like how they let you get so close and hang with them! I also have to say, your deer are prettier than my deer!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

That is fantastic!!! I love the pictures of them!!! You obviously have a gift with animals!! I cannot believe how many strays you have ended up with, kind of makes me wonder if they were sent to you for rescue!!

Love your blog!!

Kathleen Coy said...

Wonderful photos! Deer are so much fun to watch. The boys are working out their "pecking order" with all their pushing and shoving and kicking, maybe? It is so cool to watch their antlers develop throughout the summer

Jennifer said...

Wow, what gorgeous pictures! I loved seeing and reading about your deer.